November 6, 2015
1 Year, 3 months and 23 days since
our Reunion.
Welcome! To the William M. Raines High School Class of 1980 website - the source of your class information.

Historically, we have made some decisions regarding our next reunion, at the culmination of the current reunion event.  Well, the body of classmates who cruised met and decided we did not wish to wait another five years to reunite.  We decided to reunite every two years, at a venue to be determined by the voting body - and- classmates residing in the decided upon location will serve as the host reunion committee. 

The body voted for Atlanta Georgia to be the host city for our 2017 class reunion.  Derris
Mitchell is leading the efforts, with the support of a great committee.

Finally, please visit the "classmate" page to create or update your profile.
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